Note: This podcast is currently paused.

Georg Schneider from “Nachtfunk”, one of my favourite German podcasts, did a nice interview with me the other day, where he encouraged me to also go for it and do a podcast.

So, here we go, this is what I came up with. In general I intend to produce — as I mentioned in the first episode — a trilingual podcast (i.e. the episodes are going to be either in German, English or French, which will usually be announced at the very beginning of each episode) where everything and every topic is possible...

To honour its name, I will try to make a diversified and varied podcast as possible. This could be thoughts, little stories or anecdotes from day to day life, impressions I gathered on various trips, interviews with some crazy or interesting people, natural sciences related questions, spontaneous on–the–go stuff, ... just whatever pops into my mind ;-)

If you feel like tuning in, you are more then welcome to do so! I'm grateful for Feedback / suggestions / ideas / questions / proposals to marriage and the like. Means for that would be my listing at podster.de, in my guestbook here, in my Blog, or via one of the many modern means of communication. Phew...

Ah, probably the most important thing: the RSS–Feed or the link for iTunes. If you like my podcast, please give me a few stars at podster.de (sorry, that's in German), and push me up at 11 seconds. Thank you!!!

PS: You can now find some comments to new episodes in my blog.

Aug. 15, 2007

More procrastination flag
Sorry *again*, yet another procrastination episode... but, as always, for good reasons. If you understand German, make sure you check out the new www.podcastkrimi.de !
Links: T.a.T.o.r.T. — Ein Podcastkrimi
Songs: Savium – The Death of an Equestrian
Size: 6.61 MB | Length: 4:17 min | COMMENTS (BLOG)

Jun. 1, 2007

Ciao Jona flag
This episode was recorded - again - at the Roost. It's a little farewell chat with my good friend Jona. Hope you don't mind two half drunken sods takling random stuff...
Size: 17.19 MB | Length: 14:35 min | COMMENTS (BLOG)

Apr. 28, 2007

Londinum Longum flag
Cette épisode (la plus longue à présent) a été enrégistrée à Londres avec Laetitia, une ancienne amie de mon école. On parle de son boulot et plein d'autre choses - et elle racconte une blague!
Links: Photos de Londres
Songs: Lato – London Girl (New Version)
Size: 37.49 MB | Length: 39:04 min | COMMENTS (BLOG)

Apr. 3, 2007

Back from behind the moon flag
Finally a new episode of Podpourri :-) Today's just an update about what's been happening, and I talk about a new project of mine (and Steffi's): a Podcastkrimi. Check out http://www.podcastkrimi.de...
Links: T.a.T.o.r.T. — Ein Podcastkrimi
Songs: Slau – Act Upon My Love | Half Man Half Rat – Listen here...so what? | Yamasaki – Hang Tight
Size: 19.75 MB | Length: 16:12 min | COMMENTS (BLOG)

Jan. 2, 2007

Gimme a break flag
Sorry guys, Floz needs a bit of a break (and has taken it already ;-)). I'll get back to you with more great content some time in February, so please bear with me, Happy New Year, and talk to you then, Florian
Songs: Some iLive '06 sound effects
Size: 1.91 MB | Length: 1:50 min | COMMENTS (BLOG)

Oct. 28, 2006

Bruder Jakob flag
Wieder mal ein Interview: Mit Steffi rede ich heute über ihre Wanderung auf dem Jakobsweg in Spanien. 500km in 20 Tagen, von Burgos nach Santiago de Compostella. Photos: http://photos.steffi-klinge.de.
Links: Steffi's Homepage | Steffi's Seite über den Jakobsweg
Songs: October Fall – Walking | Jim Suhler – Walking On The Water | Saro Tribastone – Fanusa (Agua Mix) | kcsaito – Going Slowly | Josh Lopez – Cada Dia | Arthur Loves Plastic – The Path
Size: 24.11 MB | Length: 24:13 min | COMMENTS (BLOG)

Sep. 17, 2006

Dub dub dub dub dub flag
Happy Birthday, Podpourri - it's been one year now since I ventured into the podcast producing world... Today, I'll finally talk about the movie dubbing business in Germany (promised that for quite a while now...).
Links: Me in a recording studio | Some of my work
Songs: Craymo – Happy Birthday | Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet – Pour-quoi, Pour-quoi Pas | Granian – My Voice | Lecaila – Somewhere Along The Road | Sophia Ramos – Love Me Tonite
Size: 17.94 MB | Length: 18:12 min | COMMENTS (BLOG)

Sep. 11, 2006

Der 11. 9. 2001 - Gedanken von Henning Bulka, Florian Knorn und anderen flag
Vor genau 5 Jahren geschahen die Attentate, die uns heute als die Anschläge vom 11. September bekannt sind. Ich habe mir mit Florian Knorn von Podpourri Gedanken über diese Ereignisse gemacht, gemischt mit Beiträgen von anderen deutschsprachigen Podcastern, z.B. Peter Marquardt vom lemotox Podcast und Laurin Ostermann vom ETOO-Podcast.
Links: Henning's Podcast | Peter Marquardt's Lemotox Podcast | Laurin Ostermann's ETOO-Podcast | Blumentopf - Danke Mr. Bush
Songs: The Sunday Thursday – The Sound of Fall Approaching | Rob Costlow – Bliss | Rob Costlow – I Do
Size: 45.37 MB | Length: 33:02 min | COMMENTS (BLOG)

Aug. 22, 2006

Heilger Strohsack flag
Begleitet von ausschließlich Christian Rock (!) geht's in der heutigen Folge um eine katholische Mädchenschule in Bayern, im Interview mit Katrin :-)
Songs: Wahba – Saint | Marco Suarez – Charlatan | Matthew Casteel – My Reason | Ryan Meyers Band – Invisible People | Megan Pettengill – I Will Follow You
Size: 21.86 MB | Length: 22:30 min | COMMENTS (BLOG)

Aug. 15, 2006

Sport = mort ? flag
Finalement, une nouvelle épisode en français - même si toute courte et moins créative . . . Je parle au sujet du sport et son effet sur l'humeur.
Songs: The Touch Ups – French Mustache | French Kicks – One More Time
Size: 5.75 MB | Length: 5:32 min | COMMENTS (BLOG)

Aug. 1, 2006

Schafe erwähne ich nicht flag
Nach langer Pause wieder am Start, mit einer hoffentlich informativen Folge, in der es um Neuseeland geht. Die Webseite zu unserer Reise damals findet man auf meiner Homepage -> Arbeit -> Webdesign ;-)
Links: Neuseeland Reise Seite, Wikipedia's Neuseeland Eintrag
Songs: Edwin Derricutt – Write your name | Junkstar – Factory | Life Has Teeth – Miss Boogaloo | Brain Buckit – Dizzy | furiousBall – So Funky It Stinks
Size: 17.80 MB | Length: 19:35 min | COMMENTS (BLOG)

Jun. 20, 2006

Couldn't think of a better title flag
That's probably the worst title I ever chose, but that's life. I'll talk about what I have been up to lately, the RoboCup, the WorldCup and a few podcastish / webish things including some greetings :-)
Links: RoboCup 2006, NUbots, me at Blogger, podster, Frappr, flickr, YouTube
Songs: Greenroom – WW | The Shades Of Gray – Living For Free | Van Davis – Monkey Chips
Size: 14.80 MB | Length: 13:53 min | COMMENTS (BLOG)

Jun. 4, 2006

Wieder mal was Ernsteres flag
Auch wieder die Bitte, Euch diesen Podcast in Ruhe anzuhören . . . Es geht um ein paar Gedanken, wenn man mal “down” ist, am Boden ist, deprimiert ist, ein Tiefdruckgebiet über dem Herzen hängt...
Songs: Cassandra Kubinski – How'd I Get So Lucky? | Jon Schmidt – Winter Wind | Kelly Muller – More Than a Dream | Olwen Ringrose – Who I'm Meant To Be
Size: 13.29 MB | Length: 17:02 min | COMMENTS (BLOG)

May. 27, 2006

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No concept flag
On a short visit to Sydney I recorded this stuff. I talk about a software company, and that silly MacSaber video of mine.
Links: BigWorld Technology | Silly MacSaber Video
Songs: Tarue aka Da Mic Rippa – Love
Size: 18.31 MB | Length: 6:43 min | COMMENTS (BLOG)

May. 21, 2006

Le Blue Penny flag
Finalement, un podcast en français! Je fais un interview avec Valérie au sujet de sa patrie - L'Île Maurice...
Links: Valérie et moi juste après l'interview
Songs: Satya – Paradise On Earth | Tropico Suemba – Y Ahora Resulta ... | Evan Stone – Pimpin Ain't Easy | Soulfège – Sweetheart | Deerfoot – Hyperion
Size: 19.11 MB | Length: 22:56 min | COMMENTS (BLOG)

May. 16, 2006

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Der morgentliche Weg ins Büro flag
Heute beschreibe ich meinen täglichen Weg ins Büro quer durch den Campus der Uni in Newcastle. Viel Spaß mit meinem ersten Videopodcast!
Songs: Jeremy Gimbel You've Gotta Know | Greenroom – Spy Beats
Size: 17.32 MB | Length: 6:15 min | COMMENTS (BLOG)

May. 7, 2006

Was mache ich in Australien flag
Mal ein paar Worte dazu, warum ich plötzlich in Australien bin, und was ich hier mache. Viele Grüße an Rafael, der mir eine liebe Mail geschrieben hat!
Links: Meine Wenigkeit bei: flickr, YouTube, Frappr und Blogger
Songs: The Seabellies – The Song We Don't Speak Of | The Zeal Room – Death To The Spaniard
Size: 10.00 MB | Length: 10:03 min | COMMENTS (BLOG)

May. 1, 2006

Two Australian Jailbirds flag
I recorded this episode with my dear friend and travel companion Christian in a Jail, nowadays the Mt. Gambier Hostel (South Australia).
Links: My flickr Account
Songs: Buddy Woodward and the Nitro Express – Dead Man Walking | Kingbenny – Everyone Says | Evan Stone – Red Panties 145 | Graham English – Rescue Me
Size: 17.93 MB | Length: 15:58 min | COMMENTS (BLOG)

Feb. 17, 2006

Was Frauen wollen flag
Welch heißes Thema - diskutiert live und recht spontan im „Frechdax” in Böblingen.

Dec. 12, 2005

“Gastauftritt” bei “Nachtlese” flag
Vor einiger Zeit hatte ich mich angeboten auch mal ein Gedicht für den Podcast Nachtlese einzusprechen. Das Ergebnis ist jetzt dort zu hören :-) Danke an Dieter Schwan für das schöne Gedicht!
Size: 1.17 MB | Length: 1:01 min

Dec. 5, 2005

Spice up your life flag
Better than cocaine: Hot food. One of my secret tricks ;-)
Links: All about Hot Chili Peppers
Songs: Some Mariachis at the Mexican Independance Party 2005 in Dublin
Size: 4.54 MB | Length: 4:13 min

Nov. 21, 2005

Rauchen gefährdet die Gesundheit flag
Ein heikles Thema, bitte nehmt es mir nicht übel, dass ich es anspreche...
Links: Smokefree Systems
Songs: Penmachine – Clouds or Smoke | Marco Raaphorst – Dust & Smokes
Size: 12.34 MB | Length: 11:40 min

Oct. 19, 2005

Ever heard of Iceland? flag
I spent this year's holidays in Iceland, and I would like to talk about a few things that popped into my head about this beautiful country.
Links: The page about my trip to Iceland
Songs: Jim Ronayne – Voyage of the Dunbrody | Lovespirals – Walk Away (Bitstream Dream Remix) | Larry Seyer – Conscious Restraint | Andrew Kesler – Dominicana
Size: 16.25 MB | Length: 16:34 min

Oct. 15, 2005

Long time no hear flag
Tja, lang' nix mehr gehört von mir. Dafür möchte ich mich ganz doll entschuldigen und erkläre, wie es zu der Situation kam...
Songs: Cheryl B. Engelhardt – Talk Talk Talk, Shagg – Buh Ba Ba Ba, Robin Stine – Sweet Blossom
Size: 8.52 MB | Length: 8:11 min

Oct. 2, 2005

Interview: A “ned” flag
On my last visit to my favorite pub in Maynooth I spontaneously decided to interview a “ned”. (“Ned” = bad boy from Scotland)
Size: 6.56 MB | Length: 5:17 min

Sep. 29, 2005

Harmonie du Soir flag
Par manque de temps cette épisode se limite à la récitation d'un poème de Charles Baudelaire. (Heute nur ein Gedicht, today only a poem)
Links: Texte du poème
Songs: Black Adam – Fire Night
Size: 3.87 MB | Length: 3:49 min

Sep. 25, 2005

Mal was Ernsteres: das Thema “Lügen” flag
Wenn möglich, nehmt Euch bitte Ruhe und Zeit für diese Episode. Ich wollte mir einfach mal das Herz freireden ...
Songs: ChillerstadtLeaving
Size: 16.57 MB | Length: 15:02 min

Sep. 22, 2005

Live aus der “Guinness Gravity Bar” flag
Heute war ich in der Guinness Brauerei. Am Ende der Tour bekommt man ein Guinness in der “Gravity Bar”, welche hoch über der Brauerei liegt - die Aussicht ist einfach Klasse... Wollte diesen Moment kurz mit Euch teilen.
Links: Guinnessbrauerei, das runde Ding genau in der Mitte ist die Gravity Bar ;-)
Songs: The Core – Three Tables
Size: 3.42 MB | Length: 2:41 min

Sep. 21, 2005

Interview: The “BuskerDude” flag
A bit of a longish interview with the “BuskerDude”, a.k.a. “Dude U. Rock”. Check out his page @ www.buskerdude.com (Busker = Straßenmusiker = musicien ambulant)
Songs: All performed by the BuskerDude
Size: 14.04 MB | Length: 11:37 min

Sep. 20, 2005

Heut' plaudere ich mal über Irland flag
Tja, heute erzähl' ich mal ein bisschen was über Irland, Pubs, Guinness und Hurling ...
Songs: The Bloody Irish Boys – Drunk Tonight | threeleggeddog – Hey Love | the hypertonics – Woman Get Me A Beer, Beer Get Me A Woman | 28 – One Summer Day
Size: 17.71 MB | Length: 15:42 min

Sep. 19, 2005

Le Jour International de “Parle-Comme-Un-Pirate” flag
Aujourd'hui est le “International Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day”, et je vais essayer de traduire quelques phrases qu'un pirate pourra lancer à vous.
Links: Site des inventeurs de ce jour extraordinaire...
Songs: .22 – gun
Size: 4.69 MB | Length: 4:23 min

Sep. 18, 2005

Erstmal ein paar Worte zu mir flag
Heute erfahrt Ihr erstmal (grob) wer ich überhaupt bin ...
Songs: The Latino Projekt – Timba Timbero | Marco Raaphorst – Grrrroove V3
Size: 8.75 MB | Length: 7:22 min

Sep. 17, 2005

The name of the game flag
As this is my first podcast I'll try to outline what I have in mind for future shows. Different episodes of this podcast will be in different languages, that is German, English or French. Have fun listening!
Songs: Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet – Pour-quoi, pour-quoi pas | Kelly Goodlad – January
Size: 11.50 MB | Length: 9:57 min

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